Do you ship to destinations beyond the UK?

Yes, we ship to a wide range of countries around the World. The location you provided upon signing up will be used at checkout to display all shipping options to your location. In the unfortunate event that we do not ship to your location, we are sorry but we cannot process your order.

Do you accept currency other than GBP?

No and Yes. All prices on the website are displayed in GBP only, however you will be able to checkout in your own native currency once you reach PayPal.

Do you store my credit/debit card information?

No, when you pay by credit or debit card, your shopping cart order is passed on to the secure PayPal payment page and processed. You will then be returned back to this website. No credit or debit card details are stored with DiMand Crafts, on this server or in any DiMand Crafts database. PayPal uses a valid (EV) SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer) certificate to encrypt data on its domain. For businesses with a high profile brand, using Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates has proven to be an effective defence against phishing scams. Look out for the green address bar to indicate the (EV) SSL.

How do I personalise a product using the upload photo facility?

On eligible products, you will be asked to upload your photos at the end of the checkout process - on the confirmation page. You will be able to provide some notes, along with your uploaded photos. Uploaded photos should be in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format and should be at least 1000px wide in dimensions. The maximum upload size for photos is 5MB. Note: Some images may be cropped in order to fit within the dimensions of a product. Please keep this in mind when selecting photos to personalise your gifts. Note: Some personalisation methods may delay the despatch of a product. Please ask for details before ordering if you require your item fast.